Migration notes

No migration notes required at this time.

Upgrade to AdvancedBaseAction

With this release we introduce a new AdvancedBaseAction to provide a more off the shelf set of functions to simplify the build of ftrack actions.

Being the new AdvancedBaseAction class fully interchangeable with the BaseAction

Actions build on the BaseAction class can be easily upgraded to the new AdvancedBaseAction changing the baseclass, from:

class MyActionClass(BaseAction):


class MyActionClass(AdvancedBaseAction):

The new baseclass can now start using the new features:

class MyActionClass(AdvancedBaseAction):
    limit_to_user = True

New methods and properties


  • allowed_roles are the Roles allowed for this action to run.
  • allowed_groups are the Groups allowed for this action to run.
  • ignored_types are the Types ignored for this action to run.
  • allowed_types are the Types allowed for this action to run.
  • limit_to_user is to Limit the action to the user which spans it.
  • allow_empty_context is to Allow to run without a selection.


  • __KNOWN_TYPES__ to set a list of discoverable ftrack types.
  • create_job to create a new job.
  • mark_job_as_failed to mark the given job id as failed.
  • mark_job_as_done to mark the given job id as done.
  • attach_component_to_job to Attach a component to a job.
  • read_settings_from_user to read settings from the user’s metadata if there are any.
  • write_settings_to_user to write settings to the user’s metadata.
  • get_action_user to get the source user from the event.


Please see Example Advanced action for a code example.